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Paracord Rope

About Us

Passion. This is the word that defines everything when we talk about VERTIG Bracelets.Passion for, design, for accessories, passion for sailing and for everything that is HANDMADE.

The story of our nautical theme products started recently, but the appreciation that we received from our clients make us hope that in the close future, everything that we will build, in our small workshop, at the same quality standards and with the same care for our customers feedback, it will be as well appreciated.

We are more than grateful  to those who, through their work, through their passion for high quality things, offer to us excellent products, products that are used by us and transformed through passion and work into something highly appreciated by our customers.

We might not succeed to satisfy the taste and exigence of all our clients, but you can be absolutely sure that any mistake that we encounter in our activity will be nothing but another reason to overcome our limits and to improve what we do.


Thank you,